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A catch-up with Dave Bell: Team Nurishment

Hereís a quick update from Team Nurishmentís rowing star Dave Bell, who rows for Molesey Boat Club in competitions at home and internationally!

Weíve been very busy competing lately: at our first international race over in Belgium at the Ghent Regatta, and more recently at the Wallingford Regatta, held at Dorney Lake, which you probably recognise from London 2012.

The Ghent Regatta was our first encounter of the season with one of our major rivals, Leander Club. On the second day of racing both crews made the final without any real difficulty, the final was where things heated up. A strong start from Leander saw them take an early lead, but our newly formed crew kept applying pressure in the second half of the race and came through to win by two lengths.

At Dorney Lake we had another great win at the first major domestic race of the season, the Wallingford Regatta. We raced in the Elite Eightís race. A strong start saw us move ahead of the whole field early on. A lead that we held and we took the victory by two lengths!

Thanks to Nurishment for the regular supply of Nurishment active. The drinkís great for helping with my recovery after races. Rowing, like many endurance sports, is a lot about refuelling and recovering. When training two to three times a day, six days a week, it's important to take on board a healthy balance of protein and carbohydrates. Nurishment active provides athletes with everything they need to keep pushing themselves day in day out to make every session count. Throughout the winter training Nurishment has helped me do this and really step on as an athlete Ė ready for more victories as the season continues!

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Team Nurishment Ė Dave Bell

Welcome to the first guest blog from one of our Team Nurishment members!

Dave Bell is a rower, living in Henley-on-Thames.

Winter is a tough time for rowers. As if 6am starts werenít bad enough already they have the added bonus of being in completely dark, sub-zero conditions that, if weíre really lucky, will include strong winds and flooded rivers in the mix.

But winter is also where champions are made. Because letís face it, we all love to train in the summer when its glorious conditions and we can top up our tans as we train, winter is where you set yourself apart from the competition. Treating yourself to a lie in instead of that extra session, cutting your session short because itís snowing and missing that last set of deadlifts because your back hurts from the 2 hour row you did earlier are all examples of things people think donít make a difference in the short term, maybe they donít, but over the course of a 6 month winter training period they really add up.

That makes me grateful for all the support I have around me. Rowing is a team sport, and as a team we spur each other on towards the common goal. The support Iíve received from Nurishment helps keep me going too. When youíre training 3 times a day, with sessions lasting as long as two hours, you need the right fuel to keep yourself going. You need loads of carbohydrates, plenty of protein and the right minerals in between every session and having a Nurishment in my bag at the ready gets me through these long days one at a time.

Itís so far so good for me this winter, with all the major races being in the summer itís important to do some races to stay motivated while training hard throughout so you are continually improving. Having won three of my four races for my club, won two national medals for my university and reached the penultimate round of GB trials in March Iíd say things are shaping up nicely so far. But for me itís still about going as fast as possible this summer, and putting myself in a position to do so over the winter. For now, Iím just taking it one long hard session at a time.

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