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About Nurishment

Nutritional information >>
Your love of Nurishment has made it the
UK’s favourite nutritionally enriched milk drink!*

We all lead busy lifestyles in one way or another and often need to find some extra energy and nutrients from somewhere. Nurishment provides some of the vitamins and minerals that can help to replenish our bodies.

This great-tasting drink means that you, your family and friends can replace some of your lost energy without taking too much time out of your busy schedules!

Nurishment Original has been enjoyed by people like you for over 20 years in its original, ‘iconic’ ring pull can.

Or why not try Nurishment Extra? Served in a handy-sized plastic bottle, it can be enjoyed at any time of the day, whenever you feel the need for a delicious milk drink to replenish your energy.

Whether you enjoy Nurishment Original from the can, or Nurishment Extra from the bottle, this drink can provide great-tasting refreshment to help keep you on the move. suitable for vegetarians

Nurishment Original

Nurishment Original is available in a 400g ring-pull can in six delicious flavours: Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana, Vanilla, Raspberry and Cherry.

It’s great for all sorts of people, whether you’re an active sportsman or women, on a diet, busy at the office, facing the challenges of parenthood or maybe hard at work at a building site.

Whatever your job/lifestyle consists of, we all need a tasty, nutritious snack that can help to restore energy levels without interrupting your routine or schedule.

Are you a Nurishment Original fan? Tell us why and you could win a month’s supply of your favourite flavour!

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Did you know that Nurishment Original is fortified with milk protein? Its production process provides a drink with a distinctly rich, creamy texture, providing vitamins, minerals, calcium and protein.

If you haven’t tried Nurishment Original and want to find a can to see if it helps you get through your busy day, you’ll find it on sale in leading supermarkets, petrol forecourt and convenience stores up and down the country.

Nurishment Extra

Delicious Nurishment Extra contains a selection of vitamins and minerals and has been specifically formulated to give a lighter taste, making it ideally suited for consumption on the go. Nurishment Extra also comes in a handy-sized plastic bottle.







Whether you’re a busy mum or dad juggling the demands of work and family, need to replenish your energy after exercise, or just need to take some time out to relax, Nurishment Extra could be the drink for you.

The vitamins and minerals Nurishment Extra contains are thought to be lacking in some modern-day convenience foods and drinks. These include calcium, which may help with the maintenance of healthy bones, iron which is said to contribute to your normal metabolism, and zinc which may play a role in maintaining a healthy immune system.

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Available in 310ml bottles, you can enjoy Nurishment Extra in four delicious flavours – chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and banana.

You’ll find Nurishment Extra available in many convenience shops and selected Tesco, Asda and Superdrug stores nationwide, with more stockists coming on board all the time.

So if you lead a hectic ‘life on the go’ – and doesn’t that apply to most of us these days? - try Nurishment Extra for a delicious, enriched drink. You just might hear yourself say “mmm, that’s better.”

suitable for vegetarians Chocolate, Vanilla, Banana are suitable for vegetarians.

*Source: IRI UK Afro-Caribbean Food and Drink Retail Category – Unit Sales, MAT 52w/e 19th March 2011