Nutritional Information

At Nurishment, we know what it’s like when you need to replenish your energy.

If you’re like us, you want something that’s convenient, tasty and refreshing, but not too heavy. That’s where Nurishment comes into its own.

We know that many of you drink Nurishment Original because it can provide some of the vitamins, minerals and calcium you may need. The added bonus is that it’s also a source of protein.

The Vitamin A in Nurishment Original could help to maintain your normal vision, while Vitamin D, also in Nurishment Original, has a number of important functions. For example, it contributes to the normal function of the immune system and the maintenance of normal muscle function.

We’ve also made sure that Nurishment Extra (the one in the bottle!) contains important vitamins and minerals too.

We’ve included calcium which can help maintain healthy bones, iron which is linked to normal metabolism and zinc, the mineral that can help to keep your immune system up to scratch.

Like Original, Nurishment Extra also contains vitamins, including Vitamin C, which is thought to help maintain a healthy immune system, Thiamin (B1) which supports your metabolism and nervous system and Riboflavin (B2) which helps to process calories from carbohydrates, protein and fat.

You’ll find lots of other vitamins in Nurishment Extra. These include B6 which can contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, Niacin (B3) which is linked to healthy metabolism, Folacin which helps to make normal red blood cells and Vitamin B12 which contributes towards a healthy central nervous system.

Nurishment Extra is also suitable for mums to be and young children as it doesn’t contain Vitamin A or D.

But let’s not get too technical! Quite simply, if you lead life on the go, delicious Nurishment Original or Nurishment Extra could help to recharge your batteries, anytime anyplace.

For more information about the benefits of all the vitamins and minerals found in Nurishment products click here

Don’t forget to enjoy Nurishment as part of a healthy diet.

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